Structured Cabling

Structured cabling infrastructure within your office is just as important as the employees sitting at their desks. It was common place as little as 30 years ago, for a business to have only a few “stand-alone” computers with huge dot matrix printers using the old serial ports. Fast forward a few years, those very few computers were interconnected to increase speed, storage and share resources. Then came the need for a centralized server, followed by the need for each employee to be connected together throughout multiple locations. The rest is how they say, history.

Then                                   Now

The complexity of a properly installed and maintained structured cable system is often one of the first things to be overlooked within an office or business. Designing this backbone is mission critical for any organization as an improperly installed data or voice cable can cause a wide number of issues, all of which will cause unwanted inefficiency and downtime. In other words, a few bad cables can equal money lost.

Nickel City Communications Ltd. can design your cabling infrastructure from end to end. If you are adding a new desk, remodeling your office or expanding to 100+ employees, NCC utilizes expertly trained staff with decades of experience to meet all your current and future requirements. You can rest assured that your cabling infrastructure will be done right the first time by any staff member at Nickel City Communications Ltd.

Our services include (both supply and installation);

  • Category 5e                                                         
  • Category 6 and 6A          
  • Fiber Optics
  • Cable Testing and Certification
  • Network Racks/Management
  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation